Completion Date: December 2010
Owner: Toronto Public Library

Of Toronto Public Library's 99 branches, Cedarbrae District Library is the third busiest library building in the library system. The original building was designed in 1966 and had become a run-down repository for books. The existing library was no longer capable of catering to the evolving needs of its community. The redesign involved the complete interior renovation of the building and a 4,400sqft addition.

Our vision for the building redesign was to provide the library with a new visual identity, by creating a new street presence that would transform the library into a landmark building on the site. This was established by introducing two storey glazed walls along the full extent of the north and west building facades. This provides the community with unobstructed views into the library and to the street from the interior. Natural light penetrates deep into the building and creates a public friendly interior space. Colourful glass panels animate the building exterior and a large "LIBRARY" sign displayed on the west wall informs the community that this is a public building for their use.