Completion Date: April 2011
Owner: Toronto Public Library
Partner in Charge: Leo Makrimichalos
Project/Design Architect: Tina Ranieri-D'Ovidio
Project Team: Richard Kowalski, Bo Wang, Mario Rovina

Richview District Library is the largest library in the City of Toronto's west end. The interiors of the existing three level library had become dated over 20 years of being well-used by the community it services. The new interior design of the library's main level provided for a complete revitalization of the library spaces. The existing large customer service desk was replaced with a small, sleek circular desk. New express check-out stations backed with purple coloured glass walls were provided adjacent to the library's main entrance. The redesigned ground floor level resulted in the removal of irrelevant rooms such as the "microfiche room, that was replaced with a new, distinct Teen room separated from the main library space with a glass screen. The Teen area provides for diner style seating and comfortable sofas to cater to the different study habits of today's teens. Sophisticated newspaper lounges and computer counters, designed with bright lime green glass screens were provided. New study tables and low side tables in all lounge areas are equipped with power at the centre of each table top. This caters to the new library as a place for long term study with lap tops, web browsing on personal tablets and for reading of e-books.